Hello!  I create portraits of people and pictures of places using my camera.  I have a heart-desire to both be present at and to remember moments-- both the landmark ones and the simple ones alike.  And I want to help other people be able to do the same.

Most often, when I’m using my camera, my goal is to tell a story— one that is genuine, full of beauty, and inspiring.  Each person is unique, and therefore each photography session is unique.  Life is an amazing gift and meant to be lived in full, and I'm using my lens to show you that and how beautiful you are.

I use relaxed posing techniques, the surrounding landscape, and a lot of flexibility, patience and fun for each session. If your story will be aided through the use of props, then we can choose to use them.  These are portraits that will last beyond the session, be reminders of goodness and strength and joy, and one day, become heirlooms with their own story.  I love that when I walk away from a session my cheeks hurt from smiling, even though I’m the one behind the camera.

I am based on the beautiful Hawaiian island of Maui.  I continue to travel to Southern California to photograph my clients there.  I am also a wife to an amazing husband, and I homeschool our two girls who I simply adore.  Raising my daughters is one of my biggest privileges in all of life and I'm so thankful to Jesus for this adventure we are on. My kids know that if we see a rainbow I'm going to be giddy and might even pull the car over to admire it.  They also know that I will pack up our dinner so we can head to the beach to eat it while we watch the sunset— and play in the water.


My own childhood was spent growing up in Malibu, California and to this day I have an affinity for the smell of salty air and cloudy skies.  A layer of fog feels like a cozy blanket and the sounds of the ocean stir both peace and excitement in me.  I still feel most at home near an ocean.

I grew up spending 20-30 hours per week training for gymnastics, and my "day off" was spent watching an episode of Little House on the Prairie and teaching my dogs or hamsters new tricks. All that gymnastics paid off.  I’m an alumni of UC Davis and cheered on the UCD Stunt Team and also competed on the Women's Gymnastics Team.  

My other official careers have also all had an underlying theme of helping others and have included: full-time college ministry at Stanford, Pilates instructor, and Stroller Strides franchisee owner and instructor.  

I have a Worship Art business and boutique that is the result of my love of worship, God, photography, and the beauty in the everyday and the extraordinary.  Recently, I've realized my desire to once again make health and wellness a priority while helping others, and I am now an Independent Consultant for Arbonne.